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Bit Wheels NFT

Branding - Product Design - UI & UX - Webflow

Bit Wheels is an automotive-focused NFT or digital collectible project that I am currently developing with a few partners. The collection comprises 10,800 unique, 1:1 digital automobiles. I designed the landing page and all of the marketing materials we have used on our social media.

Mock up image of a laptop with the bit wheels landing page on it. The page has a sports car in it.
Mock up image of a section of the bit wheels landing page.
Mock up image of a section of the bit wheels landing page. The section displays the cars in the collection.
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The Collection

I manage the collection assets and oversee all development integration for the minting phase of the collection. I am currently working on the minting landing page as we near our launch date. Lastly for fun, I put together the social media NFT avatars that the team is using to represent themselves and the product online.

alternating images of the cards in the collection.
profile pic images of wheels with the co-founders names on it in different styles.
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Bit Wheels






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