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Knights BJJ

Branding - UI & UX Design - Webflow

The Knights BJJ brand was something I helped create since its inception. This is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school owned and operated by two brothers I have known since high school. When they came to me they had nothing, no brand, and no online presence. I worked with them to create the brand behind their school. I created the 1st iteration of their logo and the last one which they still use today. I worked on the landing page UI design, the web development in Webflow and I set up their business online presence on google.

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The Knights Logo

The owners of the school really stressed that they wanted their logo to convey the values that defined their vision. Those values were loyalty, respect, and discipline. The idea of the team being the knights of the school originated from those talks and ended up solidifying the direction of the school logo. I needed to come up with different styles for it since it would be used in print, on uniforms, on the website and on patches. I ended up with two styles for the logo which would work for almost any use case they needed.

Sketch ideas of the knights logo in different styles.
Knights BJJ circular blue and yellow logo with a knights helmet in the middle and the words knights bjj surrounding it.
knights bjj blue and yellow logo text only.
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Knights BJJ


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