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Branding - UI & UX - Webflow - Illustration - 3d Modeling

Below is a collection of the rest of the work that I have done over the years.

Desktop mock up of the HCCH landing page.
The HCCH landing page.
Two iPhones with images of the Figure Four app.
Phone screens laid out on a flat surface showing images of the Figure Four app on them.
An iPad with an image of the First Coast Claims landing page.
A laptop with an image of the Harquin Technologies landing page.
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3d Modeling

I also have experience as a 3d modeler using software like Maya, and 3ds Max. I have worked for several years as a 3d modeler creating educational simulated experiences for military contractors.

Images of a 3d landing gear for a plane, a small mine sweeper vehicle, a military truck and an airplane circuit box.
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Adobe XD





3ds Max

Design Skills

Information Architecture

Graphic Design

Interaction Design

Product Design

Web Design

3d Modeling

Web Development


High Fidelity Designs


3d Models

Design System