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Product Design - UI & UX - Webflow - Marketing

Moves.ai is a mobile application that can help influencers reach a wider audience by curating their content using ai to target a specific niche, audience, or trending topic. While working for Moves I designed their landing page, blog, and social media visual styles.

Because the demand for content was so high I created a design system for the content creators to expedite the process of creating social media posts which included illustrations, quotes, stats, and multi-slide carousels.

Laptop with the Moves.ai landing page.
Images of phones with sections of the mobile landing page for moves.ai.
Images of phones displaying some of the social media posts for the Bobbi knows best instagram account.
Images of phones displaying several of the ads used for moves.ai.
Images of the slides used to create the social media design system that was used for the Bobbi knows best instagram content.
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Creating Bobbi

Bobbi is an ai powered social media assistant that offers valuable feedback, suggests hashtags to increase reach, provides sentiment analysis and suggestions on what to post based on trending topics. When designing Bobbi the goal was to create a character that was warm, friendly, and quirky. With that in mind, she also had to look a bit futuristic since she is an ai character.

Bobbi was later used as the product's main character and a whole Instagram marketing campaign was developed around her. Along with Bobbi, there were also a couple of characters created by Alberto Orsini who were used extensively on the Moves social media account.

Initial sketches of the Bobbi character.
Color exploration illustrations of the Bobbi character.
Finalized renders of the Bobbi character.
Examples of the social media posts created using the Bobbi character. The posts are themed for different holidays.
Two illustrations of the three moves.ai characters.
Two illustrations of the three moves.ai characters.
Browser mock up of the moves.ai landing page.
Browser mock up of the Moves blog, which was called Bobbi's Blog.
Browser mock up of an article page of the Moves blog.
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